In a city rich with tradition, our family has been serving up traditional Mexican cuisine since 1979. Today there are three San Antonio locations offering family recipes that have been handed down for generations.
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  •   Really nice atmosphere, ambiance, and GREAT, friendly, courteous, and attentive wait staff here. There is a full bar area with seating near by and then seating on the other side of the restaurant as well. There are even a handful of tables outside on the patio area. Romantic Latin music plays softly in the background but not so loud as to overpower the conversation – it’s literally just in the background. I must confess I only had a salad and although it was good, I can’t honestly review this place based on the food – I refuse to review a Mexican restaurant based on a salad – that just seems sac religious to me! I did try the chips and salsa though. The salsa is the roasted style, not the red, uncooked fresh style. It was good but just not a whole lot of kick to it. I didn’t try it but, the other party at my table had the fish ceviche and said it was REALLY good. The best part of this place really is the ambiance and the service – and it is priced just right for that.

    thumb Brent L
  •   I believe the chef that started this restaurant also has three other in San Antonio, and they're all great. I go here for lunch about once a week and it's always great food and great service. Only possible downside is that the restaurant can seem a little bit difficult to get to since it's in the middle of a shopping center. Other than that, nothing but great things to say about this place.

    thumb Thomas Leger
  •   Nothing bad about the restaurant to say. The food was great. The service was great. It's the parking. The parking was jacked up. You have to park so far away then walk in the freezing cold quite some distance.

    thumb Dan Meyer
  •   I had the Chispa and the fajita tacos. Food and drink was delicious. Our server was very attentive even though they were busy. I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant.

    thumb edna Ramos
  •   I expected the usual type of tacos... Not so here. Taco Poco Loco... Small meaty. Perfectly seasoned. Flavorful. Chips & salsa a pleasant treat. Thick clips but not hard. Salsa not bland/mild, not spicy, just flavorful. We Will Be Back

    thumb Sunie Kendall